Hector Padilla
The $100 Million Dollar Man

“If you want to be successful, you must learn from VETTED Mentors.”
– Hector Padilla

Who is Hector Padilla?

Mr. Hector Padilla is the Founder & President of HP Capital Investments Inc., a Real Estate Acquisition & Investment Firm. The Padilla family has been in the real estate industry for almost 50 years.

Mr. Padilla is a true “American Success Story”. He went from Paperboy, to Police Officer, to Realtor, to Broker Owner, to Flipper and to purchasing over $100,000,000 in Real Estate assets. He is now living his dream lifestyle with his wife Patty, his daughter Bella, his parents and core family.

Mr. Padilla has excellent credentials (Syndicator, Broker, Accredited Investor, Professional Speaker, Investment Strategist, Real Estate Advisor, Degree in Business Administration) but more importantly has 40 years of real life, in the trenches work experience.

He now focuses on Acquisitions of Apartment Buildings, Motels and Commercial properties valued at $2 Million to $25 Million.

He also structures joint ventures with affluent & sophisticated investors. Hector’s dynamic experience and credentials make him a sought after speaker, adviser & creator of Joint Ventures.

Mr. Padilla is passionate about inspiring others to live their dream lifestyle by investing in cash producing assets and creating true  time freedom and financial freedom while leaving a family legacy. He strongly believes that there is more to life than just “grinding”.

You may contact Mr. Padilla’s office at assistant@hectorpadilla.com

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“If you want to be successful, you must learn from VETTED Mentors.”
– Hector Padilla

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