Phone Consultation:
30-Minute and 1-Hour Strategic Phone Consultations

Private 1-On-1 phone consultation with Mr. Padilla.
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A Message From Mr. Padilla

Throughout my 24 year career, I have personally acquired over $100 million worth of real estate assets, specializing in the acquisition of Apartment Buildings, Motels, and Commercial properties valued between $2 Million and $25 Million.

I currently own & operate a Real Estate Acquisition & Investment Firm with an integrated Property Management Company, Brokerage and Maintenance Company.

I am known for structuring lucrative joint ventures with high-net-worth investors. My dynamic experience and extensive credentials have made me a sought-after advisor, syndicator, business man, and creator of successful joint ventures.

I am excited to introduce a range of exclusive mentorship opportunities that offer you direct access to my level of expertise and insights. Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking to recalibrate your business, seeking to expand your business or someone new looking to make a PIVOT into the real estate game, there is something valuable here for everyone.

Phone Consultation

30-Minute and 1-Hour
Strategic Phone Consultations

During this strategic private phone consultation we can discuss any of your challenges or create a simple plan of action to recalibrate your business.

Mr. Padilla offers a 30 Minute, or a full 1 hour option.

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To learn more about these mentorship opportunities and how they can benefit you, please provide your preferred contact information, including your cell number, email address and IG#.  My team will promptly send you complete details and answer any questions you may have.

Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of these exclusive opportunities to MAXIMIZE your success in business and life.

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