Maximize Event:
Your Path To Unbounded Success

June 25-27, 2024 | Beverly Hills, CA

* Limited to Only 7 Serious Mentees.

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3 Full Days Of Intensive Training

Mr. Padilla will teach you “The Raw & Brutal Truth” of what he has learned during his ​24-year career in the Real Estate Trenches and after purchasing over $100,000,000 in real estate and investing over $450,000 in Mentorship and Training. You’ll receive knowledge you won’t get in college!

* Limited to Only 7 Serious Mentees.

What’s Included:

June 25-27, 2024

3 Days of Intensive Training!



* Limited to Only 7 Serious Mentees.

Be Prepared To Transform!

Mr. Padilla doesn’t hold back. If you’re committed to your own success, ready to work hard, and open to hard truths, apply now. Your journey to long-term wealth starts here.

* Limited to Only 7 Serious Mentees.

$100 Million Dollars Worth Of Knowledge

Forge your path to wealth and success with Mr. Padilla’s mentorship. Invest in your future today and prepare to embrace exponential growth. As Tony Robbins says, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do.”

Dedication Required

No experience necessary, but a passion for creating lasting wealth, time freedom, and a legacy is a must. If you’re seeking a “Get Rich Quick Scheme,” this mentorship is not for you.

Note: Financial hardship due to the investment is grounds for non-application.

What Hector’s Mentees say about the 3-Day Maximize Training Event:

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